Even more cake – purple ombre sprinkle cake

Purple ombre sprinkle cake

Amidst the cake frenzy of the last few days, was Cake Fix’s birthday! Couldn’t let it pass without making her a cake.  So I made a purple ombre layer cake using this recipe. And colouring the inside with Wilton violet gel. Which made for a lovely surprise when we cut into the cake 🙂

Purple ombre layer cake

Then I iced it and coated the top in 100’s and 1000’s sprinkles.  It used a LOT of sprinkles.  But looked pretty cool.  Then I made little fondant flowers to go around the side.

Purple ombre sprinkle cake

Happy birthday Mel xxx

p.s that is enough cake.  For this week anyway.


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  1. lisarobertsonphotography says:

    Happy Birthday ‘Mrs Cake Fix’ – and as always – awesome job ‘Mrs ATW80plates’! That purple is super pretty!!!

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